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Incorporated in Shenzhen in 2009, China Sectronics is dedicated to providing comprehensive Wireless Security, Communication and Positioning products to its customers in mainland China and worldwide.

Sectronics now has 12 professional engineers, 10 sales people and 4 marketing stuff. The company has factory with 800 Sqm size, about 50-200 workers depends on order status. We have Shenzhen overseas office and Fujian Quanzhou domestic sales and manufacturing headquarter.

The company launched new products like Cyclecam™ branded wifi rearview bicycle camera, Wifi box, GPS tracker for person and pet, and two way radios with body camera in 2016. 

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We manage to provide quality OEM/ODM services. Quality products and services are our ultimate pursue of success. With efficient communications, our innovative products were able to lead the market for a long time.

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